Norway Lomaps topography

Pat win shared this question 6 months ago

I got this map from the store because it says it has "rich topographic content", however the topo is very low res. It's not really useable for hiking. May I suggest you remove this text until such time that it is actually correctly describing the map? Or does it mean something else?

I would put comparison shots of this map and a "proper" topo from Norwegian government, but I'm on the phone..

No hard feelings, but please fix description or map.


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I see. You're probably right but it's little bit complicated because the resolution or number of elements can be variable in LoMaps. However Hike & bike theme is general hiking map then topo map.

Well I discuss it with our team.

Thank you!

BR Petr


Yes, i can see that there is a challenge there. And a discussion is good, maybe you will find a better way of describing it.