Not able to download LoMap North Italy (extraction fails at 50% progress)

Beno Müller shared this question 14 months ago

I tried to download the recent LoMap Noth Italy at least 6 times, through stabile network connections- bit every time, the map extraction fails (download progress stuck at 50%).

What I tried:

- Changing Locus folders from sdcard to /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/ (I have enabled adoptable storage)

- Extracting manually:

- Solid Exlorer: Does not complain, but Locus is not able to load extracted maps

- RAR: Extraction fails. It complains that the file is corrupted.

I could install some Frensh LoMaps with lower size without any problems.

Thank you!

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Hi Beno,

I've tested download of the map - all went OK so the problem is not in the map or in the downloading process. PLease make sure you have enough space in the target folder where you download the map - it needs approx. twice as much as is the declared size - when it is unpacked, there are two files - the zip and the unpacked map file. After unpacking the zip file is erased but during the process the app needs more space.

best regards