Notification for heart rate monitor (zones)

Alexander Pereulok shared this idea 9 years ago
Gathering feedback

Will be great if heart rate monitor will have user defined zones for notification sound or/and vibration.

I have "Xiaomi Mi Band" this tracker can get notification from apps and vibrate or blink leds. Very usefull

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Ralf, please read my last post here . What Alexander did is probably based on it and I thanks him for it. Main topic is now closed and future improvements will be based on new topics focused on specific sub-tasks. Thanks for understanding.


Sorry, my fingers are faster than I read.


Ok, i found training manager in Preferences->Record track (don't know how rigth in english i have russian language)

What about add to here heart rate monitor notification?

Add new 'event' - HRM Zones

Notify only if changes (not on interval) notification text define by user (%r - heart rate, %z - zone) something like "Now heart rate %r in zone %z"

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