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obd2 support

berkley shared this idea 9 years ago

I know, times are not perfect for new ideas or features.

So this may be a just a reminder...

Anyway, I'd like to see the support for OBD2 adapters.

For those who do not know this technology, read some details here:

So in short, it is a small device that you plug into your car and get real-time information like speed, RPM, gasoline consuption and so much more. In some kind of manner you can call it ANT+ for motorized vehicles. Adapters are available on e.g. amazon for under 20‚ā¨:

For development purposes, here are some further links to the topic:

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Hmm isn't this idea more for some car navigation apps, or better apps that collect your work ridings. Fleet management software or for "company vehicles manager" or something like this?

Because I try to imagine what should Locus do with these informations? Speed - ok, but gasoline amount? RPM? I really want to stay as close as possible to hike & bike and seems to be an idea that require quite a lot of work (as all Bluetooth stuff) and is quite far away from Locus purpose.

Are you able to convince me? :)


Hmm I see Android sample isn't so complicated so it should be possible. So question remain - why?


Good day berkley,

I believe you will understand ... idea declined. It's too far from Locus purpose and interest is quite low. Thanks.

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