Offline maps all drawn over each other

Francois shared this problem 4 years ago
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I am a long time pro version user, after the a recent update (the last?) my offline sqlite maps seem to be drawing over each other?

Selecting one in the quick map or regular map screen may bring it to the foreground but zooming out shows many other offline maps loaded. Problem is particularly visible when loading a map of an area outside the visible area. There seem to be no draw order logic?

Is this behaviour due to "Auto-load maps of identical type only"?

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I'm sorry but I can't see any overlapping maps on your image (Especially I can't see the map 5). I can only see that the hill shading is enabled. However you can influence this behavior vie Auto-load settings as you suggested. Please select option 'No map auto-load' and let me know about progress.

Thank you, Petr

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