Offline Open Topo Map isn't available

Thilo shared this question 2 years ago

I cannot download open topo map no more. It does not appear in the list of downloads to choose from any more. Before I could download it, with daily limitation, but it was possible. Now it has disappeared! Why did you change that ???


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Hello Thilo,

the open topo map is still available in Locus, there was no changes - please see the Menu > Maps > Online > OSM Other > OpenTopoMap

BTW: I would suggest to use the LoMaps from Locus store that has 10x size, you can download data for whole country and there are other benefits as POIs database, offline address search. Please see:



Thank you for your answer. So you want to tell me, in order to obtain an OFFline map, should go to ONline in the menu? I think this is a little peculiar, to say the least. But well okay, problem solved.



well it's heritage from early versions of Locus but we have confirmed this solution by usability testing (there are no changes in downloading of online maps for a years). However we don't recommend the downloading of online maps. As I mentioned in previous post the better way is to download the vector based LoMaps maps and influence the appearance by themes.

BR Petr