Offset for Tracks and-or Points

Neal Mibe shared this question 3 years ago

Dear Support Team,

I'm travelling in China and use therefore an import airview picture with an offset. Locating myself via GPS on a tablet works very well. I also would like to use some older Tracks and Points (KML/KMZ), which I have imported to Locus Pro, but I can't find a way to give them an offset too. I have two questions:

a) Is there a method to give tracks and/or points an offset within the app?

b) Is there a way to move tracks and/or points outside the app and import them with a given offset? Which programms/apps (Mac Os X or Android) can achieve this?

Thanks in advance.

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Good day Neal,

as gynta mentioned, offset of map is the only way to offset "something" in Locus. Offset for points/tracks is not possible and even not planned.

If there exists any method to offset data out of Locus - sorry, I and my colleague do not know.


Hi Neal,

maybe it could be possible to calibrate the extracted picture with the On-Board-Calibration from Locus.



Thank you for your quick reply. Maybe you know a software to manage the offset outside Locus Pro?