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khorporative shared this problem 8 years ago
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Offset for POIs. I am going to China then and I have learned how to offset the offline maps to make them work with GPS in Locus. However, POIs stay in their locations. Could there be an option to offset both maps and POIs?

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you`re of course correct. This should work automatically to fix selected offset for map. I`m changing this topic to "Problem" and will work on fix soon



I wanted to add that there are two kinds of POIs:

1) POIs that inherit offset from these wrong China maps.

2) POIs that are not derived from China maps and thus without offset (like geocaches)

So it is quite a trick to let user somehow specify whether to offset POIs and which ones.

I only have problem for China. Otherwise great software!


How do you know that those China maps are "wrong"?

They may have been made to a Datum other than WGS84.

Since July 2008 China is using- China Geodetic Coordinate System 2000.

Before then- "the Beijing geodetic coordinate system 1954 and Xi’an geodetic coordinate system 1980"

Although in this case, it would be easier to "calibrate" the map in the field against a known POI with an offset, than to try to install those Datums.


Confucious Say-

"Man who have wrong Datum in GPS, may be off by beaucoup meters".


Little bit old topic, anyway I want to close it as "Not a problem"

1) as I think about it, POIs from other sources are probably correct

2) points took in Locus on incorrectly calibrated map are wrong, but it's a problem of map, not a points

So I see currently no reason to allow define offset for points also