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old version apk download

lneam shared this question 3 years ago

into this page we can found the old versions of application. But this page has stuck to version 3.37

how soon it will be updated with the later versions like 3.38 3.39 3.40 3.41 3.42 ????

is there any other link with latest missing versions ?

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the site contains apps up to the version 3.37 because it is the latest one published as the APK file. All later versions were published via Google's App Bundle system which adjusts each installation file to the recipient's device and OS version (see Such bundles are unpacked by Google and each device is served only such code and accessories it needs. Locus Map 3.37 is the latest supported by older Androids than version 5.0. Newer Locuses are supported by Android 5+.

best regards

Michal, Locus team



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