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Ricardo Rodríguez shared this question 2 years ago

I have beiing not able yet to understand when I should be able to adjust the size of text labeling any objecto on a map. Please, could you confirm that when using Locus Map Pro:

1) I can not control the size of any label on the map when using on line maps.

2) I should be able to control this feature when working with offline maps by using Settings > Maps > Offline maps > Text size.

Please, am I lost? Am I right? Thanks!

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Dear Ricardo.

You cannot magnify the font on online maps, you can only magnify the whole map.

Settings > Maps> Advanced Features>Magnify All maps

Best regards.

Adela Voldanova


Thanks, Adela.

I see that this setting has an effect on how text and other features are shown, but it the general look of borders and lines are also affected in a non-pleasant way. I will experiment for a while with offline maps (I've downloaded LoMaps for Spain). It seems to be a much better alternative to get improved readability. Thanks!

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