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On PC modified "GC Notes" aren´t updated

balloni55 shared this problem 7 years ago

Hi menion

- i write a note to a listing on PC

- update this cache listing with locus, note is visible ;-)

- next i modify this note on PC, update this cache listing again with locus

- modification isn´t visible inside listing in locus

it seams that "update cache" didn´t recognize changes inside a note made on PC.

one small additional issue:

i have a folder with own caches, icon of this caches is similar groundspeak a yello star.

- if i update one of this caches, the icon of this cache change to icon of cache type e.g. green tradi

how to prevent this ?

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Hello balloni,

this is quite a problem. I think I've already discuss about it somewhere, but where ... :).

Anyway Locus is unable to get time information, when you changed your note on web. So it's is not possible to say, which note is older, if note in device or note from web. In this case, you don't get fresh information from web. But isn't is better, then lost precious terrain information in opposite case (you do some modification on device and then update cache over net which download old notes and overwrite)?

To second problem - which cache code I should use to test it, or how may I test such problem?


Hello menion

ok, understand, it´s quite logical ;-)

so i solve this "problem":

- delete note on my device and save empty note

- run "update cache", now on PC modified note is load to my device.

I do not know you can test it with my own cache ?!

try attached gpx-download as owner

If you have a own cache use this one

In screencast you´l see what i ask for


No need to test. What you wrote as alternative method, should work as you wrote, it is correct. "No note" means "No problem to update with loaded note from GC server".

So generally I perfectly understand this problem, but unfortunately I have no simple solution for this for now, sorry.

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