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On the map a short track showing where you have been without recording a track.

Joe_R shared this idea 7 years ago

I suggest a new feature. On the map a short track (3km or a number of points) showing where you have been without recording a track. As you travel along the oldest part of your path goes away. The ability to define the color of the temp track line would be nice.

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Nice, a short track tail to be used for easy path orientation, if using phone without magnetic compass, or failure due to magnetic closure flipcase.



0709 (Willy) has recently come with a solution of this idea that has already been part of Locus features:

1. create a new recording profile, name it e.g. "no recording"

2. parameters 1m AND 1sec, 30m GPS accuracy (and, of course, the style of the line if you like)

3. Locus settings > track recording > recording profile setting > Limit trackpoints on map - ON (you can set the number of displayed trackpoints as you like

4. While on track, start recording with this profile

5. After the trip - stop the recording and discard the record.

As there is no longer a reason to implement this idea as a new feature, we're declining it.

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