One POI on track goes to "multipoint" on track

Hans Pluhar shared this problem 22 months ago

Take a track and add a (ONE) point. Locus pro will add two or more identical points. In my case I had 14 additional Identical points ... and more.

Android 601 Samsung galaxy s5 Mini and galaxy Tabs 10.5 lte.

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Good day Hans,

may you please try to describe your issue more precisely? I'm trying to simulate it on own device by

  • open a track detail
  • move to tab "waypoints"
  • add one new waypoint
  • only one waypoint appear in list

So no problem appear. Thank you.


Ok, menion, take another poi and repeat IT. Sometimes First poi is Ok, but next one will bei multiplayed. IT Seems also to be an episodic Problem.

Open Track

Choose waypoint

Add waypoint

Repeat all this with Some Points more...and you will See ...


AAA Hans, thanks! Damn Android, it took me 8 hours till I fixed this. Issue found on completely different unexpected place > "popup labels" that appear when you tap on track on the map. This was side effect of incorrect refresh of these labels. Uff

Issue will be fixed in next version!