On/off display of national park areas, swamp areas, and areas of tourist interest

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Hi, often the areas of national parks, large swamps, and/or touristically interesting areas disturb the view of details in these areas. Example see screenshot1. Nowadays, there was a large "swamp area" added in this area, so it is a mess to recognize anything else in this area (not shown yet on this screenshot). Swamp areas were often introduced in a very rough way, so details like lakes and others lay behind the swamp. Example1, Example2

Often I would like to prevent the display of these 3 types of areas.

After choosing a render theme like "elements LE", I can select/deselect the display of certain groups of map elements. For instance, when I deselect "borders + special areas" and "tourism & culture" (screenshot2), national parks and touristically interesting areas are not shown any more. But at the same time other details, like borders or touristically interesting points, are also lost.

Would it be possible to switch off exactly these 3 surfaces in a targeted way, and nothing else?

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The "Elements LE" theme is designed for use with OpenAndroMaps (which is not created by the Locus Map team). If you want the Elements LE theme to function differently you'll need to ask its author.

The map themes at the top of the menu, like "Hike & bike", "Ski", etc are designed to work with LoMaps.

You might want to try some of the map themes contributed by the user-community and see if they work better for you. Go to the Locus Store and select By Provider > Locus community > Graphic > Themes - Vector maps.


Do you mean that the structure in screenshot2 also comes from the Openandromap map themes creators?


Yes, I'm fairly certain screenshot2 is showing the Elements LE map theme created by OpenAndroMaps. They have two map themes: Elevate and Elements.


If you select Locus Map's "Hike & bike" theme, the list will only display four items:

- Cycling route

- MTB trails

- Hiking trails

- Food & Drink


Thank you!



the best way is to contact the author of alternative theme and ask him for support of your idea. You can also try different theme created by Locus community as Taras mentioned. Unfortunately your idea is too specific and we do not plan add such option into Locus internal (default) themes.

Thank you for understanding

Best regards


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