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Android 4.0.3 (CM9 on HP Touchpad):

In People App I can klick on a address and get Locus, Maps and Google Earth.

Android 2.3.6 (Samsung Galaxy Note)

In Contact App (is modified by Samsung) I click on a address and only get Maps and some other App "HRS Hotelportal (dont have it on Touchpad). There is no Earth (have it installed) and Locus. Any suggestions?

Don`t know if this bug is also in Galaxy S2 (and if its still in the new ICS).

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I`m testing it and seems to be big difference in both programs

in ICS, when you tap on contact, it send to system information, just to display point at specific coordinates

on SGS2 with 2.3.7, it send to system notification that you clicked on address of this contact!! So I need permission for read contacts information to obtain clicked address. Locus do not have this because it doesn`t need. It anyway have Locus - addon Contacts, so if there will be really interest, it should be possible to add this feature there.

Anyway you may already display location of some your contacts in Locus directly by menu > functions > search > contact!


changed to "Idea" (improve current Locus - add-on Contacts


Do you consider make searching a contact like phone app, it means filtering on what are you typing? Directly in Locus

Thanx Stan


Actually I thought this worked for me on Android 2.1.

I get the choice between (Google) maps, Locus and Radar (GPS-status).

Gmaps does allright, searches online for address etc.

But Locus fails: it seems not to use the address but goes for coordinates N1.00`000, E1.00`000 for every address in every contact. And that is somewhere south of Gabon :)

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