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Opening Time of Geocache Listing in 2.20.0

k@y shared this problem 9 years ago

the opening time of the geocache-listing (and other points) takes much more time than

in the "old" version of locus (~5 seconds)

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I agree and know about it.

New solution save one click to get to this screen, but due to complexity it take longer to create in memory. This is task on next days, to improve it.


Maybe make it again with to steps! first load the basic tab and during viewing the basic tab the other tabs can be loaded in background?


I believe that this problem will be fixed in next release (within few days) 2.20.2.

There is a major problem in complexity of whole basic screen, which took most of time. Anyway I did quite a lot of optimzations and together with ability to hide map preview (useful on slowed devices), I'm sure it will speed up start of screen enough, to make it usable again.

After first feedbacks from users testing of test version, I have possitive reactions. So thanks for report, problem solved.

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