Optimize bicycle track records by the device sensors

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Conditions: Cycling !

Device permanently mounted, preferably centrally on the stem.

Recalibrate slope sensors by Locus function before starting a ride.

1. Add slightly filtered sensor incline slope values in (high resolution) track records.

Well known correct slope data is very interesting for the next on track cyclists.

For file sharing, by a new Locus gpx extension.

By post-processing, optimize the heights obtained from too low resolution contour lines.

Most devices do have the slope sensors, those with barometers are more rare.

2. Record standstill pause is now by the not entirely reliable GPS detection.

Additionally add a secure standstill detection by accelerometer data.

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Of course before a had a search for similar topics.

One has + 20 Votes actually.


And I did read reply Menion.

"Improving in this area is really currently not planned"

In new idea, by ready available internal sensors, an interesting direct applicable use case by the sensors however is suggested. Cyclist mostly do highly respect correct high slope value’s according to the own physics and or age. ;-)

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