Option for search for hiking routes

Nicolai shared this idea 2 years ago


I miss an funktion, that allows you to search for an hiking route in the openstreetmap database.

For example I want to hike on the "Elzpfad" in Germany, but I don't know where the Elzpfad is on the map.

In Openstreetmap.org you can search for all elements with the name "Elzpfad". It will list all Elements which includes the name "Elzpfad", and so you can also find the hinking route, that is called "Elzpfad".


^here is a picture: In openstreetmap.org I can find the Elzpfad easily by searching, but in Locus I can't

It would be really cool to have such an function in Locus!

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Good day Nicolai,

thank you for an idea. Unfortunately connecting Locus Map application directly on OSM map server is currently not planned. From my point of view, it is overkill feature that will require enormous amount of time, to correctly handle results from search queries and present them in some meaningful result. Also, most of trails won't have correct naming etc. Suggest to use existing connection to GPSies server as an alternative.

Thanks for understanding.



but thank you for your answer!