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Nils Outters shared this idea 5 years ago
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Dear all,

I've had a problem for a few weeks ago. I was using my Garmin GLO as external Bluetooth GPS receiver to record a mountain hike. No problem until my way back to the valley. The GLO had went out of power and Locus had stopped recording my position. My hike was not finished when I discovered that so I could activate manually the internal GPS of my phone. The recording of my track resumed as expected but I have now a "hole" of a few kilometers in the recorded track.

Now to my suggestion: it would be nice to have an option in Locus to automatically activate the internal GPS in case the external GPS stops sending data to the device. The user could also be informed about it by an optional sound signal.

Regards, Nils

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This is exaclty a feature I would like to have as well. On my Galaxy Note 8 I am uusing a external gps receiver to be able to go arround the "power saving" problem with the new android versions and to extend my battery life as well. Another advantage is that I can have the external gps receiver in my backpack and here the movement of the gps receiver is "less" compared to my phone which is connected to my hips, so gps recording is a little more consistent. But after the hike, if I switch off the external gps receiver I always have to manualy go back to the internal setting.

So a option to automatically connect to a external bluetooth gps if available and to go back to the internal if not available would be great.

Best regards,


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