Option to increase font size in augmented reality

Diego Andres Alvarez Marin shared this idea 4 years ago
Collecting votes

Hi Menion,

Could you please and an option to increase the font size in the augmented reality addon.

Also, it can be useful an option to filter the points according to the distance to the viewer.

Kind regards,


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Any chance to have a quick fix on this ? Seems a really interesting add-on but hardly usable for my 50+ eyes because of the font size of the labels :-(


The app seems to be working, but I am also surprised at the font size - none of the names are readable even with glasses, which defeats the purpose of the app.

I am surprised this is an idea (not a bug), and that it only has 10 votes.


I agree, the size of the text for a 6'' display is too small...a simple option in settings to increase the size (also if the center screen already hilight the POI) will be really appreciated. Thnx