Option to switch zoom in/out behavior of the volume hardware buttons

Sebastian Max shared this idea 9 months ago


Most of the time when I'm cycling I am using the hardware volume up/down buttons to change the zoom setting. However, my intuition is that volume down zooms in and volume up zooms out - but apparently that just my intuition, because they work exactly the other way around. Hence, in almost all cases I zoom in the other direction than I intend to.

I'd like to wish a configuration option that switches the behavior of the volume hardware buttons from up/down -> in/out to up/down -> out/in.

Thank you very much for this otherwise extremely brilliant piece of software!

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Hello Sebastian,

we had a small chat in our team and to be true, we all feel that the current solution is expected. Anyway, thanks for the idea and we are glad you like Locus Map ;)