OSM MTB Europe zoom 16+17 ?

Thomas Schäfer shared this question 5 months ago


I've tried to download the OSM MTB Europe along the Camino frances.

This works fine up to zoom 16.

Even minor areas, like a town, could be added in zoom 17+18.

BUT it seems to be impossible to download the whole area aroud the track in both highest zoom levels 17+18.

Do you know, whether it is impossible at all?

Or what can i do?

(is it a matter of available storage? In my case there was enough, and it wasn't shown an error message about low memory)



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Dear Thomas,

Would you please give me more info what exactly happened? Was there any error message? Please check if is it possible to display area of interest in online browsing (MTB Europe should be available to zoom-level = 18)

However I'd like to also notice that we do not suggest download such detailed zoom-level because it increase map size. Please check LoMaps maps from Locus Store - these maps are generated from the similar data as MTB Europe, they contains detailed zooms and other benefits https://docs.locusmap.eu/doku.php?id=manual:user_guide:maps_locusmaps

Thanks, Petr


Hi Petr,

let's try to download a MTB map of the northern part of Spain.

I select "country" "spain" , then reduce the map to the nothern part of it.

After that i canselect the zoom levels. But the selection ends with ZOOM 15. ??

(With a reduced map area next to my planned track, I reached zoom 16, too. But never 16 or 17)

Does Locus check the available memory, before presenting the possible zoom-factors?




Hi Thomas,

that's really wrong approach to download big area and in such detailed zoom-level. Every level increase 4times the size of the map. And it would take maybe a month to download it. For this reason Locus doesn't allow download such big map. Please download mentioned Spain LoMap map from the Locus store. If you really need to use MTB Europe map, please download several smaller areas.

Thanks for understanding