OSM query to map - access to tons of detailed geotags around you!

Florian Wohlfart shared this idea 11 years ago
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Openstreetmap is THE map I use in Locus. It often has more recent - and more detailed information than Google maps.

It would be a powerfull tool if it was possible to perform an OSM query right out of Locus. Eg. similar to the function of finding nearby caches I could for example search for all ATM`s, ruins or bike shops in a radius of x km around my position.

I have been playing with the Overpass API which seams powerfull enough to do this. All I would need is an easy mask to enter OSM value(s) and key(s), e.g. historic:ruins....The result: I have all of these as POIs on the map, can save them, or navigate to them! GREAT!

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there should preconfigured POIs so you won't have to remember all OSM tags.

This would be much easier to use for non OSM mappers.

I'm really looking forward to this feature. I've had several situation where I needed to find the next ATM or something else. =)

One more Idea...as a sportsman you might get into emergency situations... the OSM query could help you to find the next rescue box/ telephone/....


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