Outdoor Active Maps for Switzerland gone?

remenich shared this question 9 years ago


Since 2.2 Siwtzerland is missing under the Outdoor Active online maps. How come?

They were introduced one or two versions before.


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sure not. Outdoor Active maps was removed from Locus 15.4.2011! More about it here http://www.locusmap.eu/maps-terms-of-use

If you use method for adding Online maps described here, than I`m not giving support for any maps, which usage violate Terms of use for these maps. This is case of Outdoor Active maps


Hmm. I didn`t think there was anyone who has not yet discovered the tweak. I wanted to see what the Outdoor Active Swiss map looked like, so I checked it`s box in settings. I then selected it in the Map Manager. Since I am in the US, I needed to get on the map. But there is no "Center Map" option for Online Maps. I can see that for a map like Google Hybrid, which covers the entire earth, and therefore has no "center". So to get on the Swiss map, I had to do an address search for Zurich. A localized map should always have a means to center it. People should stop listening to joeloc.

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