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Overlay on top of wms

Igor Martić shared this idea 4 years ago

Would this be possible?

Use case would be strava or waymarkedtrails layer on top of detailed maps wms services provide.

Thanks for considering.

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Good day Igor,

to better understand: your idea is to change order of map layers from the current

  1. base map
  2. overlay map
  3. wms map

to new

  • base map
  • wms map
  • overlay map

Is my understanding correct?


Hello Menion, currently for me when I have wms layer ON, and I try to turn overlay layer on, wms layer dissapears(wms icon in top left corner reports error.)

Since wms layers I use(topo and ortofoto maps) are opaque and wms does not support blend modes I have no use of order layering that is currently implemented, so yes, it would be great to have(from top to bottom):

- Overlay map (lets say strava heatmap)

- Wms map (ortophoto map)

- Base map ()

Hope it makes sense.



Good day Igor,

understand, thanks.

Firstly, disabled WMS when you enable overlay is an issue. Thanks for pointing on this, I've fixed it to version 3.39.0.

Secondly, I do not agree with hardcoded order you suggest. On the second side, the current layer order also may not fit all needs. So best should be an option to sort layers manually.

The quick fix of the first problem caused, that layers are in the order, how you enabled them. And even if this is not perfectly clear, I'll let it be for now. In 99% of cases, users use one or another map, not both at once, so it will still work as now in most cases. And I'll try in future prepare system to sort these layers over Map content > Map layers menu. Oki?


Good day Menion,

so, if I understood you correctly, with this fix you mention, you can layer overlay map on top of wms map if you enable them in that order?

If so, i'm happy with that, i don't need sorting.


P.S. when will this update be live?



Good day Igor,


As I see now, after app restart, in most cases, the overlay will be on the top (because it is loaded little later than WMS map).

The feature will be modified in Locus Map 3.39+. Expected release is anyway somewhere in late July, maybe even start of August.

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