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Igors Augstmanis shared this question 5 years ago

Base Map Zooms Layer 1,2,3,4,5,6. Overlay Map Zooms Layer 3,4. In Zooms 1,2 Overlay not Visible. In Zooms 5,6 Overlay Map Visible !!! I dont need it. I wish in Zooms Level 5,6 only Base Map !!! As to make it ??? How to turn off devil's autoscaling for Overlay Map ???

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Good day Igors,

simply: such feature is not possible. Locus auto-scale maps in zooms, where map isn't available

complicated: you may anyway fake zoom level by inserting single map time into zoom you do not want to scale. So for example into you overlay map, insert into zoom 5 and 6 single transparent tile. Locus then recognize that this zoom level is included into this overlay map and won't rescale zoom 4.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Menion !

Your offer is clear to me. But...The BLEND MODE needs additional functions ! :)



sorry, don't understand. What has blend mode to do with this auto-rescale problem?


Well, Menion, this is the old discussion and there is still no valid explanation why the overlay behaviour should not have more control.

Simply add min/max to the overlayed map in resp. selection screen (default is 0 to infinity). Evaluation at runtime is trivial and ultra fast.

If (change of zoom level) then

For each visible tile

if (new zoom level to be displayed is within defined overlay map range) then

use the overlay (as today)


use base map only

So each user can adapt at will, while the unexperienced user gets what (s)he has today.

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