Overlays slow down Locus to unusability

Michael Bechtold shared this problem 4 years ago
Not a Problem

Following joelec's advise re. overlaying vector maps with 100% opacity, I built SQLITEs with MOBAC.

Scenario 1: SQLITE goes to zoom level n, zooming further blures more and more

Scenario 2: SQLITE goes to zl n, plus one (!) transparent tile on zl (n+1).

Following joelec, this should show the underlying vector map, but Locus practically freezes instead.

In fact, the whole story and discussion about raster world maps can be resolved if you switch off overlaying if current zoom level goes beyond the max zl in an SQLITE.

Happy users, peace on earth, and Petr can do better things than fight this outdated dragon :-)

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Resolved by corrected overlay map - sorry.

Only two things needed from Menion now:


obsolete your trick re. transparent additional zoom layer - it only eats

tiles count. How: by not zooming the overlay map, once its max zoom

level is reached.

- as long as overlay map is visible at 100% opacity level, do not draw the vector map.

Both minimal surgery additional "IFs", I suppose.

Then we can live with the overlay trick for a while, right ... :-)



so if I understand, some change in your overlay map solved this problem, right? So reported issue was because of a map. Then issue solved.


The de facto freeze has been resolved, yes, Menion

The slowness in levels 8 to about 3 stays, as the vector map is rendered in addition, and is much slower than the Overlay SQLITE.

There are posts from joelec and myself discussing a resolution ...


Understand, anyway it is not a problem. What you need is just improvement of existing system.