Own caches (yellow star) are reverted to normal cache on update-cache

R5O.nl shared this problem 6 years ago
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I noticed that when I look at my own caches that were loaded into the Locus DB, they are represented on the map as yellow stars. However, when I update these caches, then they are reverted to their normal form: green tradi or whatever it actually is.

And here comes the funny thing: I have 2 identical phones, Xperia S, one rather original Android 4.1.2 and one rather not original with Android 5.1. The effect I describe above only occurs on the Android 5 one. And the DB running in Locus is the same one (backup from one and loaded into the other phone).

I added a screenshot that shows only my caches: some I updated and some I did not. Notice that they are not all shown as yellow stars. I realize this is not really earth shaking, but peculiar it is for sure.

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Hmm interesting. May you please check Menu > Settings > geocaching > Your (owner) name. Is same (exactly) value set on both devices?

Also are you updating cache on both devices with exactly same method?


I would say the config is the exact same as I do a full backup on the 4.1.2 phone and then (via dropbox) restore it into the 5.1 phone. And I always select _all_ options in the backup action and the restore action.

Wait, wait wait, I now double check that 'own name' setting and it is unset on the 5.1 phone! Hmmm, that is unexpected as I also restore all settings. That explains the effect when updating own caches. So does this issue now change into a backup&restore issue?


Hmm that is why I ask.

I've divided settings into three sections:

- public

- private that restore only on same device

- private that are not included in backup at all

And this settings (owners name) is in backup, but is restored only on same device, where were backup done. From security and privacy reasons.


Ah, that is clear then: it is user error. I did not see this one coming, I admit :) Another piece I learned about Locus: security at play. I agree with this WoW into the 3 sections explained above. I am sure there is some page in the Locus manual where I can read what piece of data is in which category.

EDIT: just close this issues, as it is no issue.


Hmm "users error" - cannot agree. You should not know this.

Such information is for sure missing in manual. Mainly because manual is wrote by Michal and he wrote only "what he see". Such feature, as well as many others, is quite hidden and without use-case like you did (transfer own settings to different device) you have no change to notice such difference.

I still hope that this, from my point of view, quite nice help desk system, should be support site to existing manual. Where manual should be clear and cover 90% of possible use cases. This helps desk should then, thanks to search feature, will gaps like this. So if anyone will have in future same problem like you, I hope he will find answer exactly here in this topic.

Thanks for understanding.

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