SHOCart map incomplete after download - missing tiles

Piotr Galuszkiewicz shared this problem 3 months ago
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Recently I have downloaded an offline map - custom area of Italy (SHOCart Freytag hiking).

The download finished ok with all requested zoom levels (up to 14).

Unfortunately in higher zoom levels, there is a lot of empty tiles - the map looks almost like a chessboard.

I'm very upset, because the map is not free - I pay for it - and I get such rubbish....

Can somebody please explain that?


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I'm sorry for troubles. It seems that there is some problem on site of the map provider (SHOCart). I refunded the LoCoins for problematic download. I'll inform you as soon as issue will be fixed.

Thank you for understanding

BR Petr


Dear Piotr,

it seems that SHOCart fixed their issues on the map server. Please try to download map again.

Please feel free to contact me in case of further issues.

Best regards