Place names disappear when zooming

Chris quilkin shared this problem 9 years ago

Hi, I have used this app for a 16-day tour of Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands and generally it has been great. I have downloaded several offline vector maps from the online store.

There is one big problem with these. When I zoom in to find a place in more detail, the place name disappears. So small villages get labelled but the (more important) larger town name just goes away.

It's also a problem with points of interest; I was trying to find the tourist information office in Koblenz, I could see a label marked in the town. When I zoomed in to see its exact location, relative to where I was, the label for Tourist information just disappeared.

Am I doing something wrong? Or is this because your offline vector maps are based on Open Cycle Map which seems to have the same problem?

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Hello Chris,

I'm very sorry for late response ..we've probably over-looked your topic. However to your questions:

Village names/ captions - unfortunately this long-term problem and it's quite complicated for us to solve it properly. Library we use for rendering of vector map contains also optimization for overlapping of text labels. In most cases works fine but sometimes is more important label hidden.

POIs last week we've released new version of vector maps that contain offline database of POIs. I suggest to download it and try it. More about new feature:

BTW: Locus vector maps are created based on OSM (mostly) data.

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