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I really like the LocusMap app and bought the "Pro" version. Nevertheless, I would like some advice for setting the parameters. In particular, which parameter settings do you recommend for the following 3 cases, to obtain the best geographical positioning and the best recorded track:

1) Hiking by foot, in the countryside, in the forest or in the mountains, following a route planned in advance, without Internet connection.

2) Cycling, in the countryside or in the forest, without internet connection.

3) Trip by car, on large or small roads, to join a departure of hiking.

Thank you for your answer, fast if possible.


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Hi Yves,

I personally use these settings of track recording profile:

1) hiking: 2m AND 10s, 100m GPS accuracy, "record only when moving" - OFF, "record when GPS is off" - OFF

2) cycling: 10m OR 5s, 50m GPS accuracy, "record only when moving" - ON, "record when GPS is off" - OFF

3) I don't use Locus in car, I prefer Google as it calculates the route according to the traffic situation and displays sorting on lanes on a highway

best regards

Michal, Locus team


Hi Michal,

Thanks a lot for your answer. 

Best regards. 


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