Part of track not drawn in higher zooms

Ingo Rau shared this problem 8 years ago

This may be "normal", due to some kind of track simplification in higher zooms, but it's still sub-optimal.

Look at the attached screenshots: In Zoom level 15, the track is correct, but in lower zooms, the middle points are not drawn which leads to a completely different looking track. I know, there are only two or three points in between, so perhaps they got thrown out, but perhaps that could be improved...

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Good day Ingo,

what you describe here is not new to me. Locus simplify tracks with very simple method ... it just draw only every n-th point, based on current map scale. This method has one advantage, it's really really fast.

I'm personally not sure, if this is really a problem. Agree anyway, that simplified track should be as close to original track as possible, just more simple (less points).

Temporary solution, till I find some better method for simplification, is to modify parameter map_items_track_simplification_till_zoom , in configuration file.

Sorry for a complicated workaround, but I have to mark this as "known", which means I'm aware of it, but solution will have to wait a while. Thanks for understanding.


OK, yeah, I get that.

It's a little related to - if such a feature would get implemented, you would have the simplification algorithm for lower zooms "for free". But I see it's too complicated on its own.

Thx for the workaround tip, anyway :)

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