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Wolfgang shared this problem 2 years ago
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As mentioned today in my replies to the topic Password Change below, I have for now a severe problem with data security using Locus. The password cannot be changed easily from the app.

If a solution is not available, I will appreciate a change using my Google account for getting access to the Locus store. And, of course, the existing Locus points and the baught Locus maps should be retained.

best wishes, Wolfgang

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Good day Wolfgang,

about which password we talk? If we talk about login directly in Locus Map app (access to Locus Store), then it is really not possible to change it directly.

There is the small workaround. If you forget your password, an app should offer you an option to restore/change the password. So the quite simple solution is to start login, write a wrong password, and the app should offer "restore password".

Agree that some kind of "User profile" screen with the option to change password should be useful. Does this help you?


Dear Menion,

thank you for your reply. The problem is as you wrote, the login

directly in Locus Map app (access to Locus Store).

Your workaround doesn't help. When entering the Locus Store from the

Locus App on the smartphone, I am never asked for a login. Therefore, I

cannot write a wrong password. I did not find access to the Locus store

from a web interface.

From point of data security I strongly think, that an easy method

changing this password from the app should be standard as is for all

online shops.

A possible way is starting from the screenshot: Tabbing line 1 (my user

name and picture) yields a screen containing my user account data with

an option of password or email change. The communication over the

internet with your server has to be done encrypted using e.g. https.

best wishes, Wolfgang

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Good day Wolfgang,

agree, I'll look at it during next weeks and try to at least create a simple button "Change/reset password".

May workaround should work. Just on the side panel that is also on your screenshot, tap on bottom "Konto wechseln", which should make log out and then log in again with the same account, but incorrectly wrote password. A little stupid workaround, but should really work. It was made for main common use-case: lost password.


Dear Menion,

This workaround doesn't either. Your system requires a different email than that of the existing Google account (attachment).

But never mind. If a hacker steels my account, he can spend the existing Locus points, that's all. But the password is rather weak and I used it years ago for many internet accounts. Therefore I change the password when possible.

Best wishes, Wolfgang


Dr. Wolfgang Kouker; Am Schäwer 3;

76835 Burrweiler; Tel. 06345 5284

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