Pattern for the name of attachments in the points of a track

Tigus shared this question 4 years ago

Hello good afternoon.

First of all, Happy New Year for all!

I wanted to check if there is any way to specify the pattern with which the name of the files that are stored in the "media" directory when, for example, a photo is taken for a track point.

Now it is being created with the format Point_x_yyy .... jpg (for the case of an image), where Point_x is the name of the point and yyy ... apparently is a time stamp (maybe a number of seconds).

My question is because in any file browser, by default they are sorted alphabetically, so they are mixed (following the example) photos of all Points 1 of all tracks with points called Point 1 with photos, then Points 2 And so on, because of an alphabetical order.

While you can change in the browser you sort by date of creation rather than alphabetically, some gallery app are also based on an alphabetical order to display the photos.

Is there any way to change the pattern via configuration file?

Apologies if I am not very clear in my explanation.


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Good day Tigus,

thanks for interesting topic. Generally there is no problem with attachments to basic points. Problem here is with waypoints attached to tracks, where all have in your case same namings which cause mess in names.

Hmm, there is currently no user-defined pattern. I would like to keep it, because I think there should be usable solution with need to let users define such parameter.

One solution should be here to define different names of created track waypoints, but problem is that name of track is not yet known in moment you add point with photo during recording. Same problem happen if I would like to name attachment by combination of track name, points name and time > track name is also not yet known.

So even if I create some pattern, what would you like to set there?


Hello Menion.

As a pattern to name the files you could use something similar to how the camera app do.

For example:

WPT_<timestamp>_<point name>.jpg


WPT: is a constant, how to reference what it is about WayPoinT

<timestamp>: either it can be the number of seconds as it appears to be the current system, or it could be a slightly more readable format like YYYYMMDD_HHMMSSsss;)

<point name>: I estimate that it can be optional, it would help to see in the sequentiality of the files which belong to the same point.

That way you could have them sorted by date of creation, even if the order is alphabetical. And you could also know which ones belong to the same point assuming that the photos were taken sequentially in time.

It also prevents files from different tracks from being "mixed" in an alphabetical order, since the time stamp would prevent it.

It's just an idea :) .



Good day,

hmm your "pattern" allow to see photos in correct time order, but it won't be possible to see photos for points grouped close together.

Current pattern: <point name>_timestamp

- for basic points (usually unique name) this cause grouping of photos by points and correct sorting of attached photos by time. Sorting of all photos over time may be done manually in most of photo viewers

- for track points (usually named Point_1, Point_2, ... for all tracks same), this cause mess as you wrote, so photos for all "Point_1" (from different tracks) are grouped

Your idea WPT_<timestampt>_<point_name>

- for basic points (usually unique name) this cause no grouping of photos and "automatic" sorting of all photos by time. This may be anyway achieved by "sort by time" in photo viewer as mentioned before

- for track points (usually named Point_1, Point_2, ... for all tracks same), this cause probably better sorting by times in case we expect, that you attach photos immediately during track recording (most of time). In case, you add photos to tracks later (some planning or post process), this cause mess as well

So from my point of view, your solution won't bring better sorting.

Only known information in moment of creating new track waypoint + photo is time, when recording started. So I can imagine name like: Track_<track start timestamp>_Point_1_<wpt timestamp>. What you think? Such photos will be correctly grouped by track and also sorted by time.


Good day Menion.

I agree with everything you've written regarding the pros and cons of each of the patterns. As you indicate, the main "problem" in order with the current pattern is not having a grouping per track.

I think your idea of including the time stamp of creation of the track seems very good.

It works for both types of sorts and avoids mixing points between tracks.

Thank you.



Hello Tigus,

oki, so in next version, naming will be

For attachments to track waypoint:


For attachments to basic point:


Little longer for track waypoints, but as most of users don't care about name of attachments (I just guess), it should not be a problem.


The P and T prefixes would be used to identify if it is a Waypoint or a Basic point.

I find it excellent, thank you very much!

If you wanted to "shorten" the name a little, the date and time might not carry the "-", something like YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS. There are 4 characters less in a basic point and 8 in a waypoint.

Following the example would look something like:

For attachments to track waypoint:

T_20170106_101654_ <name> _20170106_101704.jpg

For attachments to basic point:

P_ <name> _20170106_101704.jpg

It remains human readable. ;)



Thanks Tigus,

agree, improved.

You are welcome, I thank you for a help to make Locus Map better.


Thanks to you and your team for this great app. The feedback we have from you and your team makes us participate in both the forum and the help.


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