Percentages of surface conditions

Christian shared this idea 8 years ago
Gathering feedback

Is there anybody out there wants to know too how many percents of

: asphalt (->Motorway, Highway, 1.-3.class, Service road, Minor, unclassified roads)

: paved tracks

: unpaved tracks (->gravel, hard and soft materials, soil, grass, Path)

are in existing tracks and in tracks to be created?

I would like to display these values in statistic page in data manager / tracks as:

% asphalt

% paved

% unpaved

and also in statistic page in "add new route & measure".

Furthermore i would like to use this values for sorting tracks in data manager ->

sort by asphalt | sort by paved | sort by unpaved.

These new values can be used to compare tracks and also to check tracks that the surface conditions will correspond to your expectations which is important for planning trail / hiking / roadbike tours a.s.o.

This feature can be limited to Locus Pro.

Feel free to add further details but VOTE for it.



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There should be explicitly stated that such a feature implies usage of offline or online vector maps or derived data. But many users prefer topographic or tourist raster maps, especially in areas where they are superior to OSM with sparse data.


Your are right. I forgot to mention it. So this feature will be limited to the usage of vector maps.

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