Permission to post tutorials on Locus on my blog ( Brazilian Portuguese)

Jonathan Araujo shared this question 2 years ago


I'm a huge fan of Locus, and use it since 2010. I consider myself an advanced user. Thanks for this great software!

Recently, I started a site ( kind of a blog) to talk about trekking and technology that will be released soon. It will be target for Brazil only for now.

I would like to offer to my Brazilian viewers some tutorials and useful information about Locus, eventually on video too. Everything will be free for everyone ( even though the site can get some banners ADs).

I would like your permission to use and show Locus for that purpose. I think I can get more visibility to Locus for Brazilians. Also, as I usually do when showing Locus to people on trail, I like to incentivize people to buy Pro because it's well worth of it.

If I'm authorized, please just give me some information of what I cannot do, because I don't want to get in troubles. Of course we will not talk about piracy and misuse of the software.



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Hi Jonathan,

thanks for contacting us. Our permission to write about Locus is fully granted! Any promotion of our app is appreciated and we are very happy you'll write about us and post tutorials, videos etc.

You are worried about possible troubles - I can't imagine what you are not allowed to write about except, as you mention, piracy and app misuse. So I think there'll be no problem.

Hope you'll share some of your posts with us!

best regards

Michal Stupka

Locus team


Thank you Michal! I'll keep you informed when I release the site.


Hey Jonathan, beleza véio??

I'm also Brazilian and I would like to follow your blog for sure! Please send me the link when you are done.

Ricardo -


Baum demais Ricardo!

The site is on development yet, but you can have a sneak peek, I'll send you the link by email. There's no posts about Locus yet, I'm working on that this week. I have collected a lot of texts and information I have on personal files and emails to friends to start up with some content.