Place zoom buttons on the bottom

Niko shared this idea 11 months ago
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The zoom buttons on the watch currently overlap with the pop up hint to the pull down menu (blue top bar, down arrow). This happens:

If the zoom buttons are placed on the bottom of the screen this overlap is avoided

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Hello Niko,

first of all, as a developer of the add-on, I would like to appreciate the included GIF which very nicely demonstrates your specific issue with my map layout, so thanks :)

But yes, I have to say the solution is not ideal. I personally never really had issues when using the layout (area detecting the tap to the zoom button is slightly extended around the zoom buttons so there should not be any problem hitting the buttons). The peeking drawer menu overlapping the zoom buttons for a moment after opening the map is of course not very nice but I still kind of like the buttons at the top more.

Anyway moving the buttons to the bottom is very doable if more people would find it helpful. There are some concerns with users with watches with a chin (a bottom screen inset) where buttons at the bottom would, I think, not be a good solution but that could be detected and dealt with.


when i start the wear app map the maps is hwon with a zoomlevel.

this zoomlevel is too big for me.

is this zoomlevel generated by the wear app or can it be influenced?


Hello Mike,

well basically the watch tries to mirror your phone's Locus Map zoom level at first. But then during your usage of the watch app your zoom level should be saved independently and should stick when switching between screen or even turning the watch application off and on again.

There is one caveat though now that I think of it, when you change your zoom level of the map on the phone the change will also apply to the watch. That might have made sense before, but now that the watch map is more independent with panning and auto-rotate functions this behaviour should probably be disabled.

Anyway if your are not actively using map on the phone, the zoom levels on the watch should be persistent, if not it is a bug, so let me know more details if your zoom level on the watch keeps getting restored to some weird default when switching screens or restarting application.