playback nmea log - speed change

gynta shared this question 5 years ago


Have to create a nice Locus presentation (don't ask)

and want to simulate also a gps navigation.


- create nice and short track

- convert track (*.kml or *.gpx) to *.nmea (

- copy file to Locus/cache/nmea/

- start Locus

- turn on getting location - works!

but it runs too fast. ;(

How can i slow down speed?

Nice doku @

ehmm, nope - don't understand :)

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Do not know if this can help for a demo. (But it is no nmea replay, a must ?)

But very easy and free (fixed) speed. (follows only google (known) roads)

In a few minutes create a virtual drive.


Hello Willy - thanks for this link.

This App open my kml and the GPS jumps from point to point in x seconds. Great!

With enabled gps in Locus, the map center also jumps now from point to next point.

Think you got it. thank you!

Better solution as nmea stuff (in this case)

-> = Answered


Hmm a lot better I think, thanks too! Nmea support in Locus is made really just for a developers purpose, so nothing special. Speed is set automatically as a number of NMEA lines per second. So quite complicated to influence it ...