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please improve waypoint projection

balloni55 shared this idea 9 years ago

currently wpt-projection possibilities:

- projection from geochache listing coords, if user "compute" projection the original coords are overwritten

- projection from active wpt, "Add new waypoint", wpt-coords are overwritten, user is not able to store it as a projection point.

-projection with "Geocaching tools", mapcenter is used as start point, after click on "compute" geocaching tool window is displayed?? user has to click return to see the new point on map. New point can be stored in POI-tab.

My wish:

please make it possible that user can store created projection point as a new point in waypoint-tab and never overwrite coords from cachelisting or used waypoint.

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1) tap on a cache

2) top menu > Add new waypoint

3) symbol of target (to get screen with 'location' options) > Projection

4) define projection > OK

5) screen with new waypoint > OK

This creates completely new waypoint based on projection.

Is this what you want?


Hello menion,

thanks for answer,

i know the workflow you discribe, but for user it is unclear which startcoords are used for projektion start.

1. with enabled "getting location" and satfix, this coords are used

2. with enabled "getting location" and no satfix, coords of last satfix are used

3. with disabled "getting localisation" coords of mapcenter are used.

especially second point is critical if user has bad sat reception.

A projektion make only sense with definitely start coords.

I also know the cumbersome way to create a new projektion point from cachecoords, e.g.

after your step 3/select "POI"/searche and select this geocache/click on "symbol target"/your step 4

So it would be very helpfull if user can create a new projekted waypoint from:

Listingcoords and also an opened Waypoint


for now the coords are overwritten and stored.


I hope now it is more understandable for you and others ;-)


Hmm I firstly wanted to correct you with point 1), 2) and 3). I was almost sure, that is used "map center" as a location for a new waypoints (and projection). But you're absolutely correct.

What about a big simplification - source location for a new waypoint will be always current coordinates for a cache. Usually you are not on a location of new waypoint so current GPS location has no sense. On second side, current coordinates of cache are best coordinates for "projection" and also more probably close to final location of waypoint, so easy to edit. Better?

Maybe this is exactly what you wanted to say? :)


I agree, if user start projection with "geocaching tools" or from "cache

top menue new WPT" mapcenter coords are used for projection startpoint.

So it is alway clearly, perfect!

My wish furthermore exist, if user:

- open Cache details, or

- open WPT details

it is possible to create a new projected WPT after click on target symbol

based on this coords and not coords of mapcenter! The new point should

be stored in WPT-tab.


Oki, done.

I'm sure, you will like it. So in next version


Thanks menion,

you are right, i like it and i am sure other geocacher also like and use it.

At first moment i thought ,damm no possibility to store new projected point, but than i noticed the 3-dot button, Perfect!!!!


Glad to hear it :)

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