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POI alert does not work properly

freischneider shared this problem 6 years ago

I have 3 folders. 1. Points 2. Geocache 3. Test. In the "Test" folder I have saved 4 points.

With the POI alert I have only activated the folder "Test". Then I ran off. 1st point correctly announced. Then I am past a multi (Geocache), he has not announced (which is also correct).

Then 2nd point correctly announced. Then came a mistake. He gave me a waypoint from the above-mentioned multi (geocache). A few meters further again a waypoint from another geocache. The geocaches are all in the folder that is not activated. The actual Geocache is not announced (as far as right). But the waypoints contained in it are announced.

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Good day,

thank you for a precise bug report. Issue found and will be fixed in next version.


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