POI alert with Live Map?

Hallgeir Gjesdal shared this problem 5 years ago

Is it supposed to work?

I run live map via Geocaching4Locus add-on.. Only live poi's show on map. I set POI alert, no poi-folders selected.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. I use it when geocaching in unknown area to pick up caches near road.


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Good day Hallgeir,

theoretically it should work. To be true, I've never tried this combination. I'll try to look at it and test it.


Good day once more,

POI Alert function is quite old and definitely needs some improvements, so I'm not suprised that something do not work perfectly. I've found mentioned issue and believe, in next version it will work find. Thanks you for your bug-report and if there will be any problem, feel free to write me.

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