POI notifier TTS, function Notify "poi_alert_X_points in range"

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With 2 (x)points in POI range the message by function "poi_alert_X_points in range" results in: Two (X) points in range.

Or a kind of 'Non Message' ! I should prefer simply express all the common range POI names. Especially using Notify once setting, first come, first served, so no verbal overload but a more informative message(s).

0709 Willy.

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After several real tests on the bike, I discovered situations, with a lot of shorter turns near to each other, and on a relatively small area, that even with correct Waypoint naming (TTS-directional instructions), and the principle "first come, first served" it still can go wrong. Normally expecting was, when perfectly on track -> Waypoint 1, 2, 3,4,5 etc. But there are situations that the closest points even when perfect on track, are not received in that strict and correct order.

It also can go like this: Waypoint 1,3,2,4,5 etc. That means that the user then receives a wrong directional instruction ! Mainly caused by the fact that the Waypoints with directional instructions are "free floating" Waypoints, and they in fact have no real connection/binding to the trackrun itself. "So not a best idea for some (guiding) situations".



Not needed anymore, by new version 3.4.0 Locus development.

.tcx and coursepoints support and using the Navi Voice "Samuel" !


So main purpose of this task, was to get possibility to configure own notifications for navigation thanks to some floating waypoint and POI alert feature. Am I understand correctly?

And your new solution is thanks to definition of route on external server and import as .tcx file? Such task anyway require some preparation and it's impossible to simply modify such route in the field.


I understand correctly? YES you do !

Now in v3.4.0 and the .tcx support (thank you) the situation completely cleared up this Navi point problem.

I am very happy with latest development, and now using simple POI alert system as before !

Definition of route on external server and import as .tcx file ?

Not only from external sources or server: ...This is also possible by exporting the Locus Navigation generator results as .tcx file and later just reimport that .tcx file.

The Positive: before Navigation start you can easily delete some unnessary Navi turn points !

The Negative: a Generated Locus exported .tcx file result is a very BIG file !

See forum tread .tcx support. (pdf and one example).

Your comment: simply modify:

That is correct, but in a mobile situation if I want to add an (one) POI I can do this instantly. And if I do not forget to set up POI alerting I will have a nice warning too ;-).

When I start a (turistic) drive it is also not my intention to prepare tracks completely out in the field. If necessary I also just can have a look at the phone or paper maps too to decide where to go to.

so SOLVED ! put this idea in the recycle bin and lets forget it.


Oki, understand :)

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