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POI photos not shown/linked anymore

jtkorken shared this problem 8 years ago


lots of old POI Pictures I shot with recorded POIs are not accessible anymore; the file Names like "_13326...." etc. are still shown as Attachement to POI, but with 0 Bytes and no preview and no link. Files are definetly still there and in tact. It also does not seem to have anything to do with changed Folders (from "\photo_poi" to "\media\photo", right?), as lot of Pictures from old Folder are still linked.

I even did copy all photos from old Folder to new one...didn't help it!

Any thoughts...

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any help on this....please, for this very function is a very beloved one of mine in Locus!




sorry for late response. Can you give me some aditional inforamtion/data, please?

- the complete path to the Locus folder (If you moved the Locus from another device or storage we need to know the previous path the Locus folder)

- Database file: Locus/data/database/waypoints.db

- the name of wrong Point

Thank you


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