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balloni55 shared this question 2 years ago

please sort enumeration consistent


BTW: why is "Guide on" activated after click on "Compass" ? if user want to "guide on" he click on this option.

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Good day balloni,

thanks for suggestions. Why you try to move GC stuff on second and fourth screen into middle of list of options? I place them at begining of list because I consider them important for geocaches. Issue on third screenshot will be fixed, thanks!

Active "Guide on" ... this has old historical reasons and I think this is really good point! Enabling guide may stop running guide on different point or even track so it make no sense. Also by simply "compass", guide remains active so extra work after close compass screen! Behavior changed, thanks! Test it please rather in next Beta version, it required quite a lot of changes ...


Hello menion

Why you try to move GC stuff on second and fourth screen into middle of list

me and i think other users as well, are "creature of habit"

so we expect identically sorted options from top for the most importend ones.

In best case user could sort options inside "Points popup content" but this isn´t possible for now.


- first i "Navigate to" the geocache

- next i "Guide to" it

- further steps are the GC options and not vice versa

Thanks for improvements, i´ll test it with next Beta



thanks for feedback. Understand ... well in this case, it should make sense to move all these extra GC stuff to the end of list ;). If this is not a big problem, I should stick with current system where all new GC buttons are at start, followed by always in same order sorted rest of features. Thanks