POI voice notification not useful - should be relative to walking direction!

Tapio shared this question 2 years ago

Hi Menion,

while hiking, I love that Locus talks to me and notifies me about POIs, if they come in range. But it is not helpful if the voice is saying like "...at 2 o'clock" - relative from north that is, but at that moment I do not know where north is. Because when I have Locus talk to me, in that moment I explicitely do not want to have a look at the smartphone.

It should say 2 o'clock relative from my walking direction. POIwarner could simply have the last 2 or 3 GPS positions in mind and interpolate the move direction from it.

Thanks, best regards


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Hi Michael,

the POI notification is related to the direction of movement when Locus is able to know the direction - i.e. when you use hardware compass or GPS orientation when moving. It does not work when you use GPS orientation and don't move - then Locus points just to the North.


Thanks Michal, this is of course exactly how I want it! I use hw/gps compass with 10kmh where it changes. Sometimes while navigating my device, the yellow line, shows to wrong direction, maybe that was the cause for my misinterpretation.

And weird compass directions on Sony Xperia devices is a huuuuge mess to debug. Other communities seem to have solved it.... https://github.com/cgeo/cgeo/issues/4921 Not sure about Locus yet.


Good day Michael,

as Michal wrote, Locus say direction values relative to your current movement. In case, values is not what you expect, there really should be some problem with compass in Locus Map app.

AS I read description in c:geo bug tracker, they seems to use almost same method as I in Locus. If you have troubles with orientation, you may a) try to enable "compatibility mode" in sensors settings or b) completely switch to orientation by GPS.

Hope a) or b) helps you.



Yes, I hope that compatibility option will help, many thanks for that. I will see on my next trip.