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POI Organizing Enhancement Request

EagleScout1968 shared this idea 10 years ago

I would like to see the sorting and filtering selections/settings maintained and saved (from session to session) by category. I would also like to have the ability to highlight POIs added. My main interest is related to Geocaching, but I think my suggests would be useful to other.

Filter set and retained by category: It looks like the filter settings are saved between sessions but it is a global setting. I would like the ability to set and save settings by category.

Sort set and retained by category: It does not appear that the sort selections are kept from session to session. It looks like the default sort is `Sort by name`. The `Invert` setting seems to be retained between sessions. I would like to see those settings maintained by category and saved between sessions.

For the `Sort by distance` selection I`d like to have the selected location be remembered (saved between sessions) by category

I don`t see an option for selecting a POI, in the category, as a location -- this could then be used as the centerpoint or target.

- For `Sort by distance` selection: have the option of using the selected POI

- This would imply that the map location, in Locus, does not actually have to change while looking at the POI list (catagory list).

I would also like to have the ability to highlight one or more POIs in a category. Retain the setting from session to session by category.

- Option to highlight or not

- Option related to the color of the highlighting (yellow, green, blue, red for example)

- Option to show only highlighted POIs

Below is a screenshot from an iPhone App called Geosphere. The top entry is marked as the Target and the sort is on distance. The hightlighted entries are the ones that I want to try for first. When I close the app and restart it, I will see this same screen displayed. The filtering, sorts, center point (target) and highlighting are all saved between sessions.

Below is a screenshot of Locus. I`m able to setup the display to look similar to the above, but if the center point is moved then the screen needs to be configured again.

Sorry for the lengthy entry.

Thank you very much for your consideration.


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I have just discovered this post. Part of requests is already done (separate settings for every folder). Anyway I think that major idea in whole long post is:

Ability to define one point as a center. Sorting by distance is then related to this one point.

So if anyone want vote in this idea, vote for this sub-task. As I see, long-click in list of points is free (no function attached). So it's possible to use it for this task. Question is if such feature is really useful.

From my point of view - I rarely know around which point I want to search, so I always move map to place where I want to go to check which points lies around. So -1 from me.

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