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Point of interest (POI) cannot be added from widget while recording

Wilfried Blankertz shared this problem 5 years ago

Since recently, I cannot add any POI to the recorded track from the Widget on the Android home panel. I click the + button, the dialog "Point 1" appears and I click OK. No error message, but after exporting the track, I don't find any POI in GPX. If I open locus and add the POI on the "Track Recoding" panel, it does work fine.

I did work correctly until Nov, 23 2018, but never did after Dec. 8 2018. I don't remember what version of Locus was installed at that time, but I am usually at the latest. Currently on Version 3.35.2 on Android 6.0.1 on a Samsung A5 SM-A500FU.

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Good day Wilfried,

thank you for your bug report. The issue will be fixed in next 3.36 version of Locus Map.



Thanks for the information, Menion! I tried it today and it works again. Coincidentally I noticed just now, version 3.36.0 was installed yesterday on my Smartphone.

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