POIs - exporting and icon updating

Tomasz Golabek shared this question 2 years ago

Two things:

- after changing icon of POI's category all existing POIs of this category don't get their icons updated

- POIs added at current position don't keep their labels/icons after export to BaseCamp - quite frustrating when there were few categories/icons of POI

Any way to get this features working or there are missing?

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Hi Tomasz,

- icons of multiple points are changed in a batch only when such points have the same icon as the folder they are stored in. If they have different icons (added manually), their icons are not changed when the folder icon changes

- Basecamp is the Garmin app - other than Garmin icons don't work there. Therefore, use Garmin icons for such points in Locus too.

best regards

Michal, Locus team

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