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POI's with Voice record don't work

Klaus_C shared this problem 9 years ago

I try to make POI's with Voice record, but the playback of the sound doesn't work. It seems that the 3gp records are corrupt.

I use an old version 2.3.6 of Android. Is it necessary to make an update, and when yes what kind of update?

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Good day Klaus,

please may you give me answers on following questions:

1. are you using latest version of Locus 3.5.X?

2. recorded voices are stored in Locus/data/media/audio - may you check any of audio files if problem is that file is incorrectly recorded or Locus is not able to play it correctly?

Thank you and sorry for complications!


I use the version 3.4.0.

I upload a file. It seems that Locus doesn't record correctly.


Good day Klaus,

unfortunately I have a bad news for you.

1. I'm testing it on my two devices and on both it works correctly (both with Android 4+), so it seems to be some problem on 2.x devices

2. Since next version of Locus, 2.X devices will be no longer supported. There was a lot more problems with 2.x Androids so I decided to drop support for them since new year.

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