Pop-up and Battery drain

Tom Fidelio shared this problem 2 years ago

OS: Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow)

After updating Locus Map Pro from 3.19 to 3.21 a tiny pop-up (no message, just grey bar with Locus icon) is shown about every 5 seconds when Locus runs in background. If Locus is in foreground, the pop-up is not shown. The behaviour comes along with a noticable battery drain.

I assume it has to do something with the change

'add: another attempt to keep Locus "alive" (keep app awake when GPS is enabled and app is in background)'

Is it possible to disable this new feature?

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Good day Tom,

the reason why something like this happen may be correct. May you please post me here a screenshot, how this tiny popup look like?

Anyway increased battery drain should be really hardly noticable. Btw you arte using some custom rom? What device?


Thanks for your answer. I have attached a screenshot showing this 'pop-up'. I used Locus during a 2 week trip every day for about 10 hours and after the update the battery life was definetly worse.

My device is a Moto G 1. Gen with Custom ROM.


Hello Tom,

thanks for a screenshot. Damn custom rom.

Oki, thanks. I'll disable this feature to next Locus Map version (next week probably) and make it only optional over config.cfg file.